Thank You, YA Scavenger Hunters! We Have An AURACLE Winner!

So many thanks to everyone who scavenged and hunted this past weekend … I hope you had fun! I hope you met scads of new YA authors and fell in love with scores of new stories and added dozens of TBRs to your Goodreads lists. I hope you know you rocked my Comments section with over 270 comments!

lily    Ohai – I promised you a giveaway!


No … I promised you a giveaway!

Um … piggies … I think you BOTH promised a giveway. But since you were both so busy nomming nommy noms, I let The Boy Who Gives You Scritches pick the winner, and he picked …………………….

*requisite drum-roll please *


Madeleine’s favorite color is blue. Or green. Or blue green. She loves all of those colors! I’ve emailed Madeleine, and I have her copy of Auracle all annotated with lots of comments, and I have a pile of blue, green and blue-green beads ready to string into something lovely and surprise-ish! (which I can’t post now because then it won’t be a surprise, now will it? I’ll post photos later.)

Thank you again, Scavenger lovelies. I’m so grateful for each and everyone one of you for visiting my little website and leaving me a comment.

If you are inclined to read Auracle, please visit your local indie book store or library. If it’s not in your library’s collection, I would be honored if you’d ask your librarian to either borrow it from another library in the system or add it to their “requested books” list.



About Gina Rosati

YA writer - My debut novel, AURACLE, was published by Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan in August 2012. I am represented by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger, Inc. Dashboard photo credit - Marc Nozell
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1 Response to Thank You, YA Scavenger Hunters! We Have An AURACLE Winner!

  1. Dame Gussie says:

    Congratulations Madeline. You are going to love the book. I know I did.

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