YASH scavenger huntTomorrow (Thursday, October 3) at noon (Pacific time) is the beginning of the Fall 2013 YA Scavenger Hunt! Are you ready?

Come find me on the shiny new GOLD team … I’ll have two chances for you to win a signed hardcover of Auracle, plus a special book club giveaway  for your favorite public library.

See you tomorrow!





About Gina Rosati

YA writer - My debut novel, AURACLE, was published by Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan in August 2012. I am represented by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger, Inc. Dashboard photo credit - Marc Nozell
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9 Responses to ONE MORE DAY!

  1. Kathleen Lotti says:

    Great idea for the library.
    Kathleen Lotti
    Salem Public Library
    Salem, Oregon USA

  2. Dana says:

    Dana Bartelt
    Mayville Public Library
    Mayville, WI USA
    Thank you SO much!

  3. Katie Laird says:

    1) Katie Laird
    3) Upland Public Library
    4) Upland, CA
    Thank you for including Libraries in this I love it!

  4. Barbara Gordon says:

    Wow!! That’s an extremely generous giveaway! I’ve never seen someone give a winner their library choice a set of books!! Thank you for the chance to win something that will benefit my community!!
    1) Barbara Gordon
    3) Livermore Public Library
    4) Livermore, California – USA

  5. Erin Rubnich says:

    Erin Rubnich
    South Boston Library
    South Boston, MA

  6. nishka says:

    Nishka dhawan
    International 🙂

  7. 1) your name: Janet Haselden
    2) your email address:
    3) name of your favorite United States or Canadian public library: USA: Eagle Point High School Library ( I have issues with our public ones)
    4) the city/town/state of that library and whether it’s in the US or Canada. : Eagle Point, Oregon

    p.s. Amazing Idea 🙂

  8. 1) Krista Batson Hogsett
    3) Beaumont Branch, Lexington public Library
    4) Lexington, KY US

  9. Kimberly Gong says:

    Kimberly Gong
    Roxbury Public Library
    Roxbury, New Jersey USA

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